Forgot RAR password

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Dec 29, 2011
I have a RAR file I forgot the password to. I have a good idea what it could be (I use a convention pretty consistently) but can't seem to get the combination right.
I purchased Sunshare RAR Password Genius and have been trying it out -- I tested it and it seems to do what it claims.
I am about to plough in. If anyone has any experience with this app can I combine a MASK with a Dictionary attack (IE create a MASK then feed a dictionary into the UserDefined field?) This will save a ton of time, since I know the positions of the characters, just not upper/lower/symbol types.

I use for example & instead of A or $ instead of S, so an "S" could be "S", "s" or "$". I know the 2nd letter is an S, just not which S.

Any advice or experience here? Can anyone rec other software? Thanks!

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Discussions of this type are prohibited by Tom's TOS as we have no way of knowing you own the product you are trying to gain access to.
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