Forum hosting and domain


May 8, 2014
Hi all!
I have a gaming Youtube channel and me and my friend want to make a forum for ours subscribers, where they can ask questions about games or other discussions.
I made a forum with forumotion but I didn't liked it. First I want to create a free forum, I don't want to invest money first time (but when the community will grown I will pay for other features). I need a good forum site that offer free host and free sub-domain (I will buy a domain later), but I didn't find any forum site that can let me copy the database and upload on other server or things like this.
I tried to host a myBB forum on my PC with MySQL database, it work fine, but I can't let my PC host it 24/24, so I need a host.
Some advices?
You can get virtual PC hosted (1gb RAM, 20gb disk) for less than $5/mo. Another $10/year will get you a domain you can redirect to that host. Install LAMP stack, you will have your forum (and whatever else you want).