Question Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch - GPS Issues


Aug 26, 2008
Greetings. Over the holiday season, I received a Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch. One issue I am encountering is with GPS functionality when the watch is not connected to WIFI or connected to the phone via BLUETOOTH. This happens for example when I go out on a run.

My current procedure entails turning WIFI and BLUETOOTH on the Fossil watch off, and placing the watch outside while I wait for the Google Fit app to acquire a GPS signal. This typically takes 3-5 minutes. Then, once the GPS signal is acquired, it tends to toggle back and forth between "GPS Acquired" and "Acquiring GPS". This intermittent GPS connectivity tends to cause some very unusual map generation at the end of the activity, and I also call into question the distance measurement of the app. Is it switching over to the pedometer method of counting steps when the watch does not have GPS connectivity?

Has anyone else experienced issues with GPS connectivity with their Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch? Has anyone been able to improve GPS performance?
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