Question FPS drop

Dec 8, 2019

I just recently got a Dell U2718Q 27 and connected it to my laptop with a mini display cable. The monitor seems to work well, but I have been experiencing some random fps drops on it right right away. I have a GTX 1060 6gbs on my laptop, and I set up the Dell monitor as the main monitor extending it to the laptop one. I can't pinpoint the cause of these fps drops, they're not very frequent but they are very annoying. All the drivers are up to date, both GPU and CPU. I have downscaled the monitor resolution to 1080p since I had tried to go 4k but apparently my laptop and graphics card couldn't handle it.

I would be glad if anyone could help me, especially because I bought the monitor to work with 3D graphics, so it is really important for me to work in a smooth way.

-QUICK UPDATE: I just tried to go 4k again and it doesn't seem to be too heavy for my hardware, but I still get these horrible fps drops.