Solved! Freeze, black screen


Jun 12, 2016
Hi guys,
I received my Iphone 6s plus few days ago and he has been used like 6 months without any fall or other damage. It was used by my aunt only for socials and calls, msgs.
When i got phone i did factory reset and updated to newest ios but when i was doing Fac reset it froze for about 5 sec and went black screen with one white vertical line that goes from right edge to half of the screen and fades, but display was still black and then it goes off or to sleep im not sure because my sleep/on button is not working then.
So i was pressing/holding power button and no luck untill i did hard reset by holding home and power button for 5-10 sec and he went on, worked like few minutes and again same.

What i felt is slight heat on back of the phone on the left side where i think battery is.

So everytime i left phone rest after i turn it on, its working for more time untill freeze.

Feel free to help me and ask questions.
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