Freezing, buzzing sound and blue screen.


Jul 26, 2016
Hey there! The past few days my laptop randomly freezes while gaming with a buzzing sound and then a blue screen appears and it restarts. I have windows 10 with latest build for this date and latest Nvidia drivers. GPU 75-80 degrees, CPU 80-85. If it matters sometimes my Storage usage jumps to 100%.
I have scanned for Malware and spyware. Windows is on a separate partion with more than 300GB free space. Also i have context audio driver and razer synapse but i have had them for months and no issue.

Laptop ASUS X550JX
4GB 1366 ram and 4GB 1600Mhz total 8GB at same voltages (i have been using such ram long before this issue)
Intel i7 4710HQ turbo boost off to prevent overheating + I'm using it on a cooling pad
Nvidia 850m 2gb gddr3 OC but never had issues on furmark 2h doesnt crash and runs firestrike with no problem (have runned it 10 times to.confirm clock is stable)