Question Frequent but intermittent problem texting photos to others. What's wrong?

Tepid Mess

Sep 22, 2022
Hello! I often experience a very frustrating problem involving texting photos to others.

Because the problem is intermittent, let me start by explaining what the problem looks like WHEN IT OCCURS.

When I try to send a photo by text, it will "spin," basically forever. While this is happening, I can send normal text to the same recipients, which are received normally.

If I back out to text another person, upon return the spinning continues.

If I exit the text app completely, no matter how long or how soon I do so after the problem starts, and then go back in and choose the same conversation, it will immediately indicate a failure with a red exclamation mark. If I click the exclamation mark, I am given a choice to retry, or throw the attempt (photo) in the trash. Retry never works, so now I always just throw the not-texted photo away.

Okay, now some general observations.

Occasionally, if I let it keep spinning, the photo will be sent, sometimes after as long as 10 minutes later. but most of the time, any photo not immediately delivered never will be.

The problem NEVER is seen with text. Only texting photos has this problem.

The problem happens both with data and wi-fi.

Restarting my phone sometimes clears the problem, but sometimes it does NOT.

Last night it happened while I was home. I could not text a photo using either wi-fi or data. I restarted my phone, same problem. Then I rebooted my modem and router, and the problem was cleared. But doing this does not always fix the problem when it occurs.

The great majority of the time, the problem occurs when I try to text the photo to more than one person at the same time. (My phone in such situations tells me the photo is sent as MMS.)

Sometimes (but not always), resizing the photo to something smaller works. My photo or photos always is under the limit to send, otherwise a different error is received before things get that far.

I tried removing a lot of photos, etc., to free more space on the phone. This did not make any difference for this problem.

My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S22+ running the current level of Android. This issue has persisted across multiple periodic system updates.

Any ideas?

Thank you!