front connector on pc still retasking

Aug 29, 2018
Hello, first of I am not really a tech experienced guy so I don't know if I will be able to describe it very good but here's try.

I have a problem with my front connector for jack. When I plug in the headphone jack (green one) it works for a short time (few seconds) and retask all the time. I tried to swap jacks, so now I have green in other plug (for mic) it works but then my microphone is retasking, so I assume there is problem with my pc and not headphones. So is there a way how to solve or at least find out what is wrong with the connector ?
Aug 29, 2018

well it used to work, now it just completely stopped working at all. Maybe I'll try to clean the pc and jacks by some alcohol or something and if it wont work I ll just go to store I bought it from and ask for help there
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