Question frozen settings on fb and getting ErrorUtils caught an error and really need help!

Apr 15, 2018
i have a question that i really dont know whom to ask and so far nobody has been able to help me so i hope someone here would be willing to read about my issue and point me in the right direction. i would be truly grateful!!!

i have not been able to use the active settings pop up thing on FB desktop chat sidebar to adjust my active status settings on FB for about a year. and the way they are frozen there somehow overrides any other place i have active selected. so i am functionally offline despite having chosen active on both laptop and phone.

i asked all over and tried a ton of stuff and got nowhere but had definitely determined that it was neither device nor browser issue.

so then recently with some renewed frustration i went back to google and by lucky chance saw how to use the console to see if there was an error and indeed there was. when i try and enter any content in the chat sidebar active status option boxes and press okay i get

ErrorUtils caught an error: "Invalid to set current user's visibility". Subsequent errors won't be logged; see

that link is a dead end page that just has a broken thumb.

can anyone help me understand what is going on and or lead me to someone who could help?

thank you!!!!