Review FuboTV review

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Jan 29, 2021
Fubotv is a disgusting company that has:
  1. Designed their call service to discourage, frustrate, and prevent you from addressing issues ... and disconnecting.
  2. Designed their call center around 3rd world country non-native english speakers for the same reason above.
  3. Designed their answering service to discourage you modifying or cancelling service.
  4. Designed their answering service to have "no supervisors available". Which is a joke as anyone with a job can understand.

Do NOT use the trial. They will do everything to waste your time and frustrate you to make you pay.

Fubotv as a service:
  1. Does not deliver DVR capabilities on many channels. Which defeats the purpose. I recorded several episodes but could not play them back.
  2. Does not deliver an easy experience. The DVR when it works ... shows no preview so you have to guess where the ads stop.
  3. Does not deliver honest channel lineups. 10 or so channels in each package are junk and show nothing.
  4. Is expensive.

I cannot believe this is recommended on Tom's Guide.
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