Question Galaxy s10e: Notifications do not make sound unless media is playing

Apr 29, 2021

I have some issues with my Samsung Galaxy S10e.

One issue is that the vibration is not working at all, but this may just be a faulty vibration motor.
The stranger issue is that I cannot hear any notification sounds, but the phone does make sounds for incoming calls and media. Even more confusingly: when media volume is on (e.g. I am playing music), notifications do make sounds properly. But when I pause the music, notifications again turn quiet.

When I use the diagnostic tool that is reached by dialing * # 0 * #, the phone makes sound when the left triangle on SPEAKER is filled in, but not when only the right triangle is. If I interpret this correctly, it seems to say that the phone has two speakers, one of which is not working, and that notifications are restricted to the broken speaker—-unless some other audio activates the other speaker. This may of course be completely wrong.

This started after I dropped by phone, breaking the screen and backside, and got both replaced. This is likely what caused the issues to occur, and the repairman said that the motherboard had suffered some damage in the fall.

If anyone has any advice on how to solve this, it would be much appreciated. Some more info on the phone:

Model name: Galaxy S10e
Model number: SM-G970F/DS
One UI version: 3.1
Android version: 11

Thanks in advance!

UPDATE: I have done some more diagnostics, and confirmed that the "right" speaker is not working. When I adjust the Left/right sound balance to be fully to the right, I can no longer hear media sound. However, turning on the "Mono audio" option, which should make the phone "play the same sound out of both speakers," does not solve the notification sound problem. It seems as if the Mono audio option does not affect notification sounds, but only media (and possibly calls).

So, one possible "fix" would be to force the notification sounds to come from the "left" speaker. I cannot find how to do this, but if anyone knows it would be very appreciated.
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