Galaxy S7 vs. iPhone 6s: How Samsung's Phones Stack Up

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Nov 30, 2006
Water resistance is not something Apple cares about. However, they should. They already beat the G7 in drop tests.

Besides, Samsung equals bloatware and you'll notice it after you open several apps. Performance is an issue for Samsung:

Additionally, it's common knowledge that Samsung still doesn't understand the relationship between hardware and software. Finally. Comparing the camera between an old iPhone 6 is simply moot. It's a given the camera should improve over time. 6 months since the iphone 6 in the smartphone world is quite long.

FWIW, It's long overdue: we need more pure vanilla android phones that have the specs of the G7 and the performance and fluidity of an iPhone.

Anyhow. Let's fast forward to September 2016 and compare the iPhone 7 and Galaxy 7. Guess who's going to win that one hands down?


Mar 30, 2009
Yet another side-by-side that shows the appalling value for money of the iPhone. I was looking at another article that compares it with the Moto X Force, and that makes the iPhone look even worse. Poor screen, poor battery, small memory, no expansion slot, high price.

However, I think the point about Samsung bloatware is more than valid! Samsung are fools spoiling the user experience with their useless crapware on every device. OK, so it only takes a minute to stack up all the stupid icons into a single folder icon called "CRAPWARE" and largely forget about them, but the updates are an additional slap in the face every time they appear.

I'd ignore the Galaxy and iPhone and go for a Moto X Force any time; vanilla Android that will get timely updates, no crapware, resilient, better price.
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