Games won't max out the fps?


Aug 6, 2012
I asked this on a different sub-forum but I figured I;d ask here as well.

So I'm having a weird problem. I have an Asus n56vz, and when I try to play League of Legends, any settings, the fps caps at 40. Caps is perhaps not the right word. When I say caps, I mean freezes. That is to say, it won't drop below 40 fps. It'll just stay frozen at 40.

What's interesting is that this also happens with Dota 2 (to be precise it freezes at 39, and 'wobbles' a little between 39 and 40) at max settings which is a considerably more intensive game.

I have a Gt 650m so I should be getting 60 FPS with max settings at least on League of Legends.

What gives?