Gaming/Desktop Replacement: Updated 2012 Options?


Apr 23, 2012
Hello Everyone,

I know this has been asked a thousand times, but i'm looking for something a little different, and newer.
So basically, I'm looking to see what everyone thinks would be the best options for something that has all the following:

1. I'm not worried about budget, I want to see options. Not willing to spend the money for something that's not worth it.

2. Any screen larger than 15" preferably.

6. I'm looking to play games and edit videos and edit pictures.

7. I want an SSD preferably, I understand prices are high.

8. I live in the USA.

9. Optimum performance and customizable later down the road.
So: i7 processor, great video card, 16GB or so of RAM (unless you think it's unnecessary).

I'm looking for something that won't slow me down or present a challenge in speed and compatibility with games in the near future (year and a half, i know technology improves very rapidly).

Origin was my first choice because of their "Evolve" Program where I can upgrade anytime I want by just sending it back and getting the parts replaced... But i find the amount asked for the laptop a little much (close to $8,000 for a full customization of the greatest parts they offer... I understand this may be normal, but there's got to be a competitor that offers something different for less.)

Wondering what other companies you all think.



Jan 22, 2004
1 is a great place to get the most bang for your buck. Great service too.

I'm waiting for my to show up any day now. Looks like this is about the best bang for buck you can get right now. Here's a video review:

Base price is about $1300. Mine went up to $1500 with mods: GTX 675m, Win 7 64 bit. It can be up to around 2k with SSDs, 16gb ram, etc. So feel free to play around with the customization. They also have other great laptops on their site and nearly all are customizable.
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