Question Gaming Headset picks up system audio as mic input

Mar 11, 2019
Hi guys, i recently bought the Corsair HS60 gaming headset... while playing the the other team members can hear my system sounds and everything happening on my pc .. music games system sounds everything !

i muted my mice (headset button).. same problem
i even took the mic out of the headset... same problem
my headset picks up system sounds as mic input even without a mic attached to it !!!!

tried to use splitter instead of the usb sound card... same problem
tried to connect splitter to front and rear jacks.. same problem

tried to uninstall realtek and Nvidia sound devices and drivers .. same problem
disabled stereo mix and all other sound devices .. nothing helped
Listen option is disabled
all enhancements are disabled

the current situation : headset without a mic attached to it, with mute button activated, still picking system sounds as mic input LOL

the only solution is to disable the headset mic (in recording tab) and enable the realtek mic .. and attach the headset mic to the front pc input and keep the headset connected via usb .. but man .. this is not a solution!!

Plz HELP !
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