Gaming Laptop for $700 or less


Oct 21, 2014
Hey guys Im looking to get a new laptop mainly for college and games. I don't know too much about laptops or computers in general so I was hoping I can get some good suggestions. I'd like to play all the newer games on high settings with little to no lag, for example Dota 2.

I recently saw this deal for Lenovo z50 laptop on slickdeals for $679.

Just curious if this is a good deal or not and whether I can get something better for the price. Thanks in advance!
The GT 820m is a weak graphics chip. It's okay to play games with at 1366x768 resolution with mostly low settings or medium setting in some games, but it would struggle with 1920x1080 resolution to the point of perhaps many games being borderline playable.

For $700 at best you will probably get a 1366x768 resolution laptop with a GT 840m. You might be able to get a laptop with 1080p screen in that range if it is on sale.