Gaming Laptop: mSATA/HDD advice


Jun 18, 2013
I'm planning to buy a new laptop soon but have some questions regarding drive storage. I want to use this for everyday use as well gaming. I'm not a hardcore gamer, only play one major game but am open to others in the future and have thought about videoing gameplay eventually.

With that being said, I've been configuring a laptop on XoticPC's site. I have the GPU/CPU set, but I'm not sure what to do about the drives. I have the option for two mSATA SSD's and one HDD. I'm just going to go for the normal 750GB HDD in that slot as I've never needed more than that and if I do, I'll throw music on an external. It's the mSATA slots I'm confused about. I've never had a personal computer with anything but HDDs so I'm not sure of the performance gains. I believe Windows 8 (I've heard 7 is better for gaming but I'm worried I should get 8 for longevity) would fit fine on a 120GB mSATA. I'm not sure how much room to spare there would be, though, for games or if I should throw those on the HDD or throw in a second mSATA just for games. The game I play requires 30GB of drive space, and I do have downloads for both a Live and Test server, so I'd need 60.

What would you guys do? Fit it all on the 120 single? Add one later if I need to? Get a bigger single and put it all on that one? Forget the mSATA altogether? This is what I'm looking at, by the way. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :)


Jul 24, 2009
Windows 8/8.1 doesn't take that much space up, about 30GB so your 120GB msata has lots of space for your major apps, keep the games on the hdd.

If you can fit the msata and hdd yourself without voiding warranty, check that it wouldn't be cheaper buying them seperate, you'd be surprised on the markup a company will put on a drive.
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