Gaming Laptop, UK, £800


Oct 1, 2014
Hi I want to buy a gaming laptop. A desktop is not an option.

I am new to all this so feel a bit out of my depth. I'm also in the UK so choice is somwhat limited.

I would like to be able to play current games (Skyrim, The Last of Us (when/if it comes out)) on high settings with a solid fps. I mostly play ESO and SWTOR and would like to max those.

I would also like a Full HD screen.

My budget is max £1000 but obviously the lower the better. If I could meet my aims for less than £800 that would be perfect.

I have been looking at this Lenovo:

As well as this Asus:

and these two MSI:

What do you guys think of these options? Would they meet my aims? Are they overkill for what I want? Are there any comparable/better machines at a lower price?

Thanks for your advice.