Gaming laptop under 500$

Jul 30, 2017
Hey so I'm looking to buy a laptop have a 500 dollar budget.. I want to be able to play games like 7 days to die.. And rust.. if read over a dozen articals about the "best budget laptop" and am in no way ready to buy.. I'm new to gaming on pc.. so please forgive my ignorance.
You're not going to find a new one for that price. The best sub-$500 gaming laptop is an Acer with a 940MX which occasionally goes on sale for about $480. And most people would argue with me for calling that a gaming laptop.

You might be able to find a used one. Check out NotebookCheck's game list, where they summarize their game benchmarks by GPU. Unfortunately they don't benchmark the two games you listed, but you should be able to find similar games and compare their fps on the different laptop GPUs available. Then check Craigslist and eBay for laptops with a suitable GPU.