Gaming PC or Tablet


Oct 2, 2013
Do I want to build a PC ($700 budget no need for os)
or do i want to buy a tablet (leaning towards asus tf701t when it is available)
I have until Nov/Dec until I have the money!


Sep 29, 2013
Honestly I would go for a PC
The perks of having a PC are numerous playing games, work, watching videos, etc
If you are a gamer the obvious choice is to get a pc with $700 would could get good set amount of parts that could fit your need, or if your not a gamer you could save some money on buying (for say) an motherboard with interrogated graphics.

However with Tablet you have portability and honestly most of the features a computer could have, there may be even more perks, if your an artist for say, you could carry around the tablet draw the landscape, etc.

So personally I would go for the computer building one if very fun! (Making my first one now) and you can keep upgrading it in the future making it a very good investment, either way good luck maybe the other people answering will have better answers XD not good at this goold luck!



The best would be to get a strong PC and an NVIDIA Shield - you get a fully functional Android tablet with a real game controller, and the ability to stream games from a kick ass PC. Best of both worlds if you ask me! :lol:
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