Garbled/Corrupted Audio Out after playing a website's native video


Feb 6, 2017
Hello, my NX785QC8G running 4.4.2 KitKat has messed up audio now after playing a native video that had bad sound; it sounds like one channel/side is really corrupted and low volume now, I checked with VLC to see if it was just Android Chrome but it seems to be a tablet wide issue and turning it off and on again didn't help either. The tablet's back speaker seems to be fine as far as I can tell as tiny budget tablet speakers go. Thank you for your time and suggestions.
A video can't effect the hardware of the tablet. However, it can effect the software/apps on the tablet.

You should go in and check the main settings for the tablet itself, as well as the settings for you sound related apps. If that video installed an app of its own, then I would suggest uninstalling it.

Also, if played through browser (chrome or other) you may want to clear the data for the browser and then restart the tablet after to see if it resolves it. Make sure that if you save pages or other log ins for that browser that yo u take note of the info before clearing the data as that will wipe all things open and used via the browser.