Gateway NX570X notebook BIOS force recovery


Jul 7, 2003

No the laptop in question (nx570x) keeps loosing the hard drive in the bios and will not boot.


Dec 11, 2012


I may be missing something, but it looks to me that this help request/conversation was never finished. A year and a half after this question was originally posted and this is where I may need the answer to the original question. My son has the Gateway NX570X Notebook and after discovering that the AC adapter needed to be replaced in order to turn the unit on, and upon that point, the HD didn't want to boot. The black screen of death appeared and basically wasn't going to boot. Indirect technical support from PCDirect stated the HD was bad. I wouldn't doubt this since it was given to my son and had a slew of issues that he was trying to fix so he could have his own laptop.

If you could please explain more to me about the possibility of fixing the BIOS, which if that is the problem, I have no back-ups of any of the following: boot disc, system restore, drivers/utilities/OS and would need to do everything either through a USB boot or CD (preferrabley kindly forwarded files that I can upload to and burn to a CD or USB thumb drive). Again, this laptop was simply given to my son and if he could fix it, then he gained a computer of his own.

I have no idea how the HD is formatted to boot, whether HD first or floppy, etc...So any info to get me started is exactly what I need. Step by step please. I really appreciate your or anyone else's help that can help me help my son. Blessings!