GeForce 8400M GS nv4_disp.dll problem

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Aug 13, 2014

I am a user of Dell Vostro 1310 laptop with Windows XP.

CPU = Intel Core 2 Duo 2,00 GHz
GPU = Nvidia GeForce 8400M GS
RAM = 2 GB

I have been a happy user of this laptop for about 1,5 years, but about 2 weeks ago I started having a major problem with it. I had my laptop turned on for a few hours to restore accidentally deleted videos on my phone. After the process of recovery, I decided to play some Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - Multiplayer. And here I first had this problem. Before I even connected to the server, loads of stripes and squares have appeared on the screen, not just blocking the image, but also freezing the system. Without knowing what was wrong with my laptop, I held Power Off button to force shut down. I hoped the problem would solve after reboot, but I was wrong. Similar stripes started appearing on boot. I forced shut down and turned it on again. Now I was being offered to boot into safe mode or normal mode. I chose to boot into normal mode and had this problem again.

So, I decided to recover my backup of C partition which contains Windows and all drivers. After that I booted successfully and the problem seemed to go away. But it didn't. I had stripes on the screen in around 15 minutes after boot. I tried to use my laptop several times after that and no matter what I did, played games or surfed the web, I had this problem every 15 minutes. One time, I decided to wait a bit to see what happens. The screen was blinking and at the end I was at the Blue Screen of Death. It was also covered in stripes! So, I couldn't see the whole message. But what I did see was "nv4_disp.dll".

The first thing I have done is I took my tablet and Googled it. It turned out to be an infamous problem described by many people on various forums. And the most popular solution was to reinstall the video card driver. I realized that this wasn't the solution for me, since I have already reinstalled the whole system with all drivers, but I decided to reinstall the driver. Doing this didn't help me. I then realized that it could be an overheating problem. And some people describe it as such. So I disassembled my laptop to clean the fan, which was quite dusty. I also clean all the other parts used to conduct the heat away from CPU and GPU. But cleaning the laptop didn't help.

I decided that a possible solution could be to add more cooling, so I got a cooling pad. But it din't help. I also ordered new thermal pads for the GPU because the old ones could be the problem. Today they have arrived and I changed them. It seemed to have solved the issue. I also used cooling pad for extra cooling. I download and installed SpeedFan and the GPU temperature was ranging from 64C to 66C, which according to other users of this GPU is normal. I had no problem surfing the web and this time the laptop worked normally. It looked like the problem was sloved. I then decided to look at some of my pictures stored on my laptop's hard drive and after a few second of viewing them I had stripes and squares all over my screen. I didn't get the BSOD and the stripes went away, but my computer froze and I held Power Off button to force shut down. I looked at the timer on my watch which I had turned on during the work of the laptop and the laptop worked or 31 minuted this time. So I came to the conclusion that my GPU starts bugging when it has to be used by the system.

I assume I am not the first person who had faced this problem, so can someone give me advice on how to solve this? Thank you in advance.

P.S. I just booted it in safe mode and it seems to work OK.


May 2, 2013
Go to a pro to fix it. I live in Chicago & I found a local Pc repairman & he replaced my Dell m5010 motherboard to fix pga issue. PGA fix, in YouTube video explains this clearly
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