getting 3 plug (orange green black) audio from a TV to a Logitech 5.1 z506 or a Cambridge DTT2200


Jul 6, 2014
Hello all, been following this link but not sure it is what IO need...

I have a new m series vizio TV, and I am trying to run the sound to a 5.1 computer speaker system without using a computer. That little box sounds like it would work but I am not sure how the connections would play out...

It is an M series Vizio 42 inch, it has: 1 Analog Audio Out,
Digital Audio Out (SPDIF), and a bunch of HDMI's.

So, could i convert the RCA Subwoofer out to a 1/8 plug and run that into the black input on the speaker main box? How would I condense the front left and right speakers and the rear left and right speakers to a single green 1/8 and a single orange 1/8?

This would also help to know about the sends, as i have an old 5.1 reciver with rca jacks that may do the same thing...

Thanks for your help.


The z506 has 3.5 mm input jacks for 5.1. It would just be a matter of connecting the various out puts of the tv to thier matching inputs. You didn't list which tv you had nor what outputs it offered so I'm not sure if you need 3.5mm to 3.5mm cables or 3.5mm to rca jacks.


OPk since you are reluctant to post the model # I looked up the manual for the 42" and it only has stereo audio outputs. You wont be using 5.1 with this tv without getting an intermediary device like an amp that takes an optical input.
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