Question Getting blue screens at startup after ssd upgrade on Acer laptop

Oct 25, 2023
Hey guys!

So I have an Acer nitro 5 (AN515-54-5812) and I added a 4tb Corsair SSD (CT4000P3PSSD8B) to the second m.2 slot. At first the laptop seemed fine; booted up like normal. Although, the new SSD did not show up in disk management, which is strange. I restarted the laptop, and then the BSOD's began.

The BSOD code I was getting everytime was KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE. After the blue screen, the laptop would restart. After restarting, it would then proceed to get stuck on the Acer splash screen. At this point, I would have to hold down the power button to force shut it off. This would happen at every boot. However, when I removed the Corsair SSD, then the laptop would boot up no problem. Please help! What can I do to make the new SSD work and show up in Windows?

I should also probably note that I had upgraded the laptop to windows 11 some time ago, as well as added another ram stick with no issues at the time. Any help is appreciated. Any information needed for assistance, I will be happy to provide.

Thanks in advance!