Getting BSOD everytime I try to install Bitdefender.


Aug 28, 2014
The error is "A clock interrupt was not received on a secondary processor within the allocated time interval. 0x00000101

The second time it blue screened and I had to hard restart the machine hung at the bios splash screen indefinitely. I had to disconnect power for a few minutes to get it to start right. So I guess I won't be trying out Bitdefender. Shame because it comes so highly recommended. I am running windows 7 ultimate and was trying to install Bitdefender Total Security 2014. Anyone know why it might trigger this error or a way to fix it? I want to try out this software but not wanting to risk another blue screen and freeze on startup.


Nov 4, 2012
-usually this error indicated a overclocking failure. (signal is just lost because of hardware timing problems)
fix by removing any bios overclock and any software overclock

- I have also seen this happen when you plug in certain USB devices that don't have a valid driver on the system.
The plug and play tries to install the driver using one cpu core, while some software is waiting while running on another CPU core.
Problem is that the install being done on the first CPU core fails and retries over and over and never completes with success. This makes the second CPU core wait for ever. Microsoft put in a timer that goes off and causes a bugcheck if the second core waits too long.

kind of a pain to fix, generally I have people update the BIOS, update the CPU chipset drivers, update and usb 3.0 chipset driver, find the device that was failing to install (most often it was a USB wireless driver) and update that driver on the system before you plug in the device.

And the solution can be more involved than that, USB devices become hidden in device manager when removed but still have a driver associated with the port. You have to tell device manager to show hidden devices, then delete the device before you attempt to install the driver/device.
sometimes you have to turn off the automatic install of devices by the plug and play system, connect the device, then run the special device driver setup from the manufacture website to get the current driver, then go back to control panel and re enable the plug and play system.
Not a fun process, there are other ways to fix the problem but harder to explain, there is a UI to allow you to select the driver you want out of the many versions of the same driver on your system, but the UI is hard for people to find because it is in a stupid menu option. It is in the driver section screen, under something like "I have my own disk" if you select this you can select among the various drivers already installed on your machine, USB driver will not automatically use the most current or last installed driver unless you select it. It will use the current driver even if you installed a new one.

often you can detect problems in the usb subsystem by running a tool called USBview.exe
it if found in the windows device driver development kit and can be downloaded with the windows
debugging tools.
pick the standalone version and only the actual debugging tools or you will get a lot of files you don't need.
the setup just dumps the files in to a directory on your machine so you will have to search for it.
on my system it is at: c:\debug\debuggers\x64\usbview.exe

it was also a sample app for the ddk and many people have made their own version and made improvements so you might google
for the file name and get a 3rd party version.

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