Getting q200 over 2nd gen i3 laptop


Jan 28, 2013

Hi im in a confusion or i have less information.
if im to buy Toshiba laptop with same 2nd gen i3 over Asus Q200 ultrabook, what am i getting more.?

you have to look at the ram that in both and there max memory. the speed of both cpu and if there a 3 party gpu installed in the laptop. also the size and speed of the hard drive. most thin laptops are made for word and web and for people on the go do to there small size and weight. (most vendor put the most energy savings parts to give them long life).
laptop will have better airflow if gaming and can have a more power-full cpu/gpu combo. also ad more memory and or two hard drives or a hard drive/ssd combo on some laptops. also some small footprint laptops dont have built in cd-rom drives.