Gigabyte p25x vs p35g laptop help


Jan 27, 2014
Hey guys another thread about choosing a laptop. I'm currently in the market for a nice gaming laptop i have has my eyes on the gigabyte P25xv2-sp1 ( )

But its definitely a little pricey at 1600 but for what is inside it i don't mind the price at all. What I'm more curious about its slightly cheaper version the P35GV2-CF1 ( )

These two are pretty identical with the exception of the graphics card inside. The p25x is rockin a NVIDA GeForce gtx 880 with 8GB of GDDR5 while the P35G has the 860 at 4GB GDDR5. I want to know if I should save up a little more and buy the p25x and is the extra 4gb going to make that big of impact on fps an game play. Input would be great ! Also if anyone knows any other laptops that have these kind of specs or better for a little cheaper links would be much appreciated :D