Question Gigabyte P35xv3 : Laptop starts then shuts down after 10 secs.

Apr 13, 2020

I'm trying to fix my old laptop for my son so he quits squatting my current one ^^;

I had a Gigabyte P35xV3 before, it started shutting down randomly so had to change it for work (doing video stuffs), replaced it as the 980 in it was starting to be a little too small to handle some Notch setups... Anyway.

I tried to restart it now (was off in my office for 5 months) and it seems it problems worsened.

Here is a quick description of the problem and the steps I already took trying to fix it :

1. The problem :

First, you have to know the battery is seems empty, so I use the power supply. When I plug the power supply on the wall, a green LED lights up on it. I used a multimeter to measure the power out of the power supply and have the expected 19.5v.
I then plug it into the laptop and starts it. The laptop starts to boot, then after 10 seconds or so stops. The LED on the power supply turns off and I cannot restart the laptop from there. If I measure the power out of the power supply now that the LED is off it tells me 0v (taking into account the uncertainty of the measurements).

Just for the sake of testing it, it is not a Windows issue as the laptop does the same thing if I enter the BIOS before windows starts. 10 sec and everything shuts down.

If I unplug the power supply from the laptop and the wall, let it rest 1 minute than plug it back in the wall, the LED turns on again on the power supply. But the laptop refuse to do anything.

If I let the laptop rest for some time, then it starts again for 10 seconds then back to the loop of event described above.

I first suspected a maybe defective power supply and bought a new one. Same result.

Then I opened the laptop.

When I first started the laptop the fans turns on then stops after 10 seconds and the laptop turns of. Logical.

I tried to remove the battery to see if I could starts the laptop without.
It gave some interesting results :
The display didn't start but the fans starts and stay on until I unplug the power supply, no more stop after 10 seconds.
So I thought "it might be a defective battery causing some short that put the power supply in security" and maybe the laptop cannot run without a battery plugged in (a bit like an online UPS) so I bought a new battery.

Replaced the battery this morning to no better result... The only change is that now, when I start the PC, it run 10 seconds, stops and put the power supply in security, but if I unplug the power supply from laptop and wall and plug it back, the laptop restarts immediately put to stop 10 seconds later (no more need to let the laptop rest a few hours to restart it)

So I now turns to more enlighten folks for help.

Or to tell me to forget about it and dump the laptop but that would be a shame

of course this laptop is 5 years old, bought on the internet and has absolutely no more support, else I would have bothered trying to fix it myself.

Has anyone any idea where to look ?

Thanks a lot

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