Question Go-Video DV1140 DVD+VCR: General Audio Ports do not work but DVD Exclusive Ports do

Dec 22, 2020
Hey all,

As title says I own a combo DVD-VCR player. Tonight, I tried to watch a VHS on it for the first time in awhile but while the video was perfect, the audio was non-existent. I tried a random DVD and a different VHS and same issue. I found the back had a "DVD exclusive" set of outputs for audio and tried that and sure enough, the DVD audio played fine. However, this doesn't fix the more hard to replace VCR issue. For more details:
  • I tried two different sets of AV plugs to see if that was the issue
  • I tried it in two different TVs (both LGs, unsure of models)
  • I ensured the audio ports were properly plugged in
One last piece of info that might help: A year or two ago a lightning strike took out my power and fried the TV the DVD/VCR is connected to and the set top box that sits on top of it. It wasn't actively in use at the time and the yellow video plug works fine as I mentioned but is it possible the audio ports were fried? I don't recall if I've used it since so I don't know for sure if the audio worked post-strike. I find it unlikely but wanted to state it to see if it helps anyone figure it out.

Any advice would be good! I have a lot of old VHS tapes and if I can't fix this, I'd like to replace it.
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