Going to buy new laptop for gaming


Aug 2, 2011

I been looking for a new laptop for gaming, as i want to get rid of my stationary computer,

I been looking in to the new, republic of gamers form Asus the G74,as one of the laptops i would like to have, but they have so much diffrent setup.

I need a laptop that i can play games, watch movies, so my question is, do i need the verson that have 120hz screen or isnt that so importen for my use.. I dont have intresst in 3D though, only thinking that 120hz screen would be better then 60hz "normal" screen?


Generally speaking, 60Hz monitors are fine for gaming since they have been around for a very long time and no one has really complained about that refresh rate.

Some people have stated that 120Hz monitors simply makes things like surfing the net smoother while others do not notice any difference whatsoever outside of 3D games, or games where the video card is powerful enough to push more than 60 frames per second on the screen.


Aug 2, 2011
Thanks for all replays, my budget is round $1000 - $1900, and i want to have a 17", so the verson to Hpfreak look ok, would had a blueray insted of dvd drive, but ofc can use external drive for that :)
As i realy like the G74 from Asus, as i been reading that its, one of the quiet gaming laptop. (wife dont want me to have noisy pc, neer her, when she watch telly ;) )

But allso seen little on Orgin pcs, but dunno about noise of those?


Nov 29, 2010
120 MHz is a total waste at this point, you might notice a difference using a 3D Screen. Or watching an Action movie off your laptop.
But other then that, it is just a factor that should be left alone.

Actually, the G7 series laptop were known for being quiet. But not many people tried to listen for noise from the back though, so it may very well be loud.

Getting a high performance, while quiet PC isn't absurd, but it is hard to find, most laptops with high performance chips will run hotter, meaning the fans will need to spin faster, and the noise is more audible. Of course, manufacturers payed attention to that, Asus concentrated on the user experience, but for people who want no noise from any angle, then, you'll need to use your computer in a very cold environment :) A place where your laptop's air is cool enough to actually effect the temperatures.

Anyways, the origin PCs (I assuming you're interested in the EON 17) are normally very quiet to the user, they are known to become louder when gaming though, so, it is probably not the ideal laptop to play games next to the TV- just like any gaming laptop would.

I just wanted to mention one thing, there have been previous threads where people wanted to know how they could change the fan speeds on their laptops to make it less noisy, that is not a solution! Pretty soon your graphics card will die from the heat.
You should never do anything that would effect the performance of the fan, except when you are cleaning out the dust with compressed air.

Well, hope this helps.



Aug 2, 2011
Thanks again Hpfreak, helped me alot on thise topic. Then i shall setup one at Orgin, and compear the stats and price with Asus G74 :)


Dec 19, 2010
dont buy from fry's they have had bad customer service with me and a few friends...

and just something to think about, that asus only had a 5400 rpm hard drive and way too much ram for gaming 12gb. 4 is enough but more then 8gb is too much. thats just something that you can save money on with the ram and get some extra performance with a 7200 rpm hard drive.
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