going to university and need a decent laptop for both gaming and studying


Jul 9, 2013
hello for everyone ,

In 2 month i will join university and as i know im going to need a laptop so i decided to buy one so i need help to choose one i need it also for gaming purposes i saw light 17inch laptop with gtx 880m but im afraid that 17'3 laptop may lack mobility
so in your opinion shall i buy 14'6 gaming laptop or 17'3 one ?

i also don't mind suggestions for laptop

note: budget 2k usd max also i want a laptop that can give me great performance for at least 4 years


Oct 3, 2013
17 inch is perfect.its not like you are going to be using it while walking.
you can find thin laptops like this.
but lack the 880 m.
you will need to look at thicker heavier notebooks but they cost way more.
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