Good antivirus that doesnt slow down PC and games?


Sep 13, 2013
I'm currently using Avast antivirus,but I think it slows my pc,even when I have good specs. So I was wondering,is there a good antivirus,that doesn't slow down the pc,and perhaps the gaming too?


Feb 19, 2015

I use avast but wether is slows your games down is not the problem,what you need to do is to set your games or program to a high priority so your pc will not reduce performance in that program just because another program needs resources.To do this open your game that you want to set at a high priority,then open task maneger,this is assuming you have windows 8,on windows 7 task maneger is a little different.,click more details after you open taks maneger,then right click the process that you want to set a high priority which would be your game,then click go to details,then click the process what is high lighted,click set priority,then click high,then click ok.You will need to do this every time you boot up the game or program.If the game is in fullscreen you can just hit tab+alt to minimize it.You can set mutliple programs at a high priority and you can set programs at a low priority,I would avoid realtime priority