Good headphones for under $25?


Nov 13, 2013
I was looking for a good pair of headphones for my pc, but I have a limited budget (I am only 13 :( ) I was looking for a pair to replave my PX-924's (very good headphones, but are falling apart after inheriting them from my dad.) Is there anything with the fiber ear pads, sturdy construction, and comfortable in that price range? Thanks for the help


Sep 27, 2012
Tec'N'Motion makes $20 'yapster' headphones, which are very good quality. They don't have fiber ear pads, only plastic, but they're decently built. Their only issue is that if you have the habit of fiddling with your cables like I do, after about a year, the in-line volume control will come unsoldered. You can just snip it out of the line and fix it with electrical tape; that's what I did and the headphones easily lasted two more years after that till I got nice ones.
You can find some good bargains on ebay, often from bulk packaged stuff. Look for something there in your price range, Logitech is good for your price range.

I had a pair of these which are $6 with free shipping, sounded pretty good, and were fairly comfortable.

Cord broke in a while but I have several kids and cats that like to tug on the cords.