Good headset for gaming?


Sep 23, 2015
I have been using a Razer Megalodon for a couple of years and recent have been having issues with my audio setup which resulted in me no longer using the headset. I have since switched to using an older pair of ATH-M30s which, while I know gaming headsets are overpriced and gimmicky, still doesn't give me the same quality that the Megalodon did.

I know the ATH-M30s aren't very great headphone and wanted to upgrade to something that would give me better sound than the old headset did. I'm not sure if the virtual 7.1 is something that is exclusive to USB headsets, but if not I would definitely like to find a 3.5mm pair of headphones that are capable of surround. I'm willing to spend a decent amount on these, but don't really need to get up to the "audiophile" level of quality.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good pair of headphones I can use for games like CS: GO and get the virtual surround feel?

I also do listen to music on occasion, so something good for music as well would definitely be a plus! Thanks!
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