Good Mouse Mat


Apr 7, 2016
So ive been needing a mouse mat for quite some time after using a soft tablet case... Yes laugh at me all you want... I have a nice desk with a small keyboard tray... My keyboard tray can be extended to a maximum of 750mm and thats pushing it... As you can tell not many mouse mats can fit on this and its to small to fit my keyboard and mouse comftably thats why im extending it, i would love to know if this razer goliuthus control is a legit one or a fake company as i have never seen and in this blue texture and ive never seen any that are 745mmx400mm so is this a special edition one or a mouse mat that isnt really razer and simply isnt as good, im looking for a razer goliathus control
and i found this on ebay... Is it legit and will it fill my fps gaming needs!

Is it real?

Edit: ive found another one from the same seller, are these actually legitamate?