Good Workstation for designing.


Dec 21, 2014
I need a laptop mainly for Graphics Designing and Software Developing. I don't need it for gaming.NO GAMING LAPTOPS
Most importantly I live in South Asia, so if possible recommend laptops available in my region.( the import tax :p ).

Basically I want you to recommend me the specifications required for graphics designing. Think so I have got them right but then too..... I am confused.
I want to develop Java applets, Android applications and also do some moderate editing in Blender to use its Game Engine.
Well this is blender:-

Priority wise my preferences:-

1.) Processor- intel i5 or i7 or even amd is OK, dual core, 2.6 ghz or higher and turbo above 3.0 ghz.
2.) RAM 8-16 GB
3.) Graphics card with 2GB RAM (I am not sure what else I must look for...)
4.) Screen Display HD (1920x1080)(touchscreen preferably(optional)) or higher.
5.) 256GB ssd memory.(Will it increase the performance. If not I don't want that.)
6.) 13 inch preferably.
7.) 4 USB ports, Bluetooth and WiFi 802.11 ac, disk drive, sd card reader, ethernet port, webcam(720x640) and other basic things.

If only Linux is installed I am fine with that as removing Windows might save some bucks.

Aluminium Body, A good battery life, lightweight and backlit keyboard would be appreciated.(I know lightweight and performance are mutually excluaive xD)

Budget- 1500$ OR Rs.1,00,000
Most of the laptop choices I got as an answer in previous thread had their starting cost this much so it went very much over budget.
If you feel to reduce the cost feel free to reduce some specifications. Or else what budget do you think is appropriate.

I think assembling laptops is cheaper.
If I can get help to assemble a laptop(is it ppossible? If yes plz tell what all I need and how?)at home, that would be great help. A link for the processor I want:

If you have any other suggestion then please mention.:D

Thank You in advance.


Aw shucks, I was hoping the W540 would work... anyway, there are such things as "WhiteBook" or, "barebones notebooks", Sager/Clevo and MSI both have those but before suggesting that route you should be aware that putting together a laptop is a bit trickier than a desktop system. Not impossible and there are guides to help but not nearly as straight forward with more than a few hardware restrictions. The CPU you linked (awesome BTW) wouldn't work in a laptop, it's for a desktop with a huge heatsink but that's another story.
Another aspect is that by the time you fully configure a barebones whitebook, you'll likely have spent more than the same hardware in a pre-built. Not to mention I know of no whitebooks that are setup to be workstations (doesn't mean they don't exist though). The only vendor of barebones notebooks I found in India was (IMO) very much overpriced, you could get a whole laptop for what they wanted for a stripped model but you may have better luck searching than I did.
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