Question Google account hacked

Nov 11, 2018
How did my husband's girlfriend create two fake Gmail accounts linked to my Gmail account? I noticed on July 12th, two gmail accounts with woman's names listed under my Gmail account and picture. I do not know anyone with the female names @ gmail .com which caused me great concern because my soon to be ex-husband paid someone to remotely access my MacBook Air and wipe all of the data and put a virus on my laptop. Back to my Gmail hack, when I clicked on either fake Gmail account it allowed me to access all of my Google Drive data which is how I communicate with my lawyer. How did the hacker access my account? When I dug deeper into the timeline the accounts were created I was horrified to find out that Google said these accounts were created from my computer; however, the geolocation of where these accounts were created listed a different city than I live in. He has not had physical access to either computer since I got an order of protection and had a new alarm system installed with multiple cameras. Please advise.