Question Google Calendar question on iphone ios Iphone 13, 16.2 regarding Notifications please.


Dec 27, 2007
Google Calendar question on iphone ios Iphone 13, 16.2 regarding Notifications please...
I notice two things - On Samsung phone I had for years with Google Calendar if I set up an event with no notification in advance (no minutes set)--I would still get a notif on Samsung phone to let me know.
Could be like "Weekly Meeting", "Call Jim", Look at Bank account", "Take out trash", "Wife's birthday" etc... Never set up a reminder/task. I put everything in events.
So I noticed on my iphone that there is no notification of the event IF I do not set a time notification prior to the event. Even a minute would work and I would get a notification.
So I guess with new iPhone I will have to default notification on some events to 1 minute or something. Same if I want it to appear on Desktop PC. ??????????????????????????

I think I have all settings right on iphone for Google Calendar and do include "ON", Time Sensitive events" or that might be in apple calendar on iphone which I have off as of this writing. Been trying everything. I am signed in to Google.
I did shut off notifications from the iphone Calendar which I do not use so I do not get duplicate notifications...But perhaps I should turn that on and I might get notifications for those Google Events with no "time ahead" notification.
I know I asked a lot of questions of late and do appreciate the help.

Thank you
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