News Google is fixing one of the worst things about Android — here’s how

Mar 21, 2021
This is interesting, but no rip on your article, but I don't see how installation time was ever an issue, even on a low-end device. Almost every install is finished within 5 seconds and rarely as long as 10 seconds. Who doesn't have that kind of time or patience? I don't support "fixing" what isn't broken, it's just another complexity almost nobody asked for and a waste of development resources, in my opinion. How about making WiFi Direct a universal standard which works flawlessly among all devices? And maybe related or not, how about a capability of letting me view the photos on my phone, using my tablet, after an ad-hoc handshake? Like the phone is just a network folder just as fully navigable on a tablet as the tablet's own? How about full/deep access to the audio and camera hardware (api2, with permissions control of course, etc) on all devices? That's something I could get behind 👌

Anyway, cheers 👍