Google Nexus 7 will be an industry benchmark in the 7-inch tablet PCs.


Jul 25, 2012
People are talking about the revolution of tablet PC, but that is not true. The reality is that every firm considers ‘iPad’ as their greatest competition and makes a great effort to defeat it. Google Nexus 7 can be the first tablet which constitutes a direct threat to iPad.

Nexus 7 is made by ASUS, and sold for £159 ~ £199 in UK. Nexus 7 sure is a remarkable tablet, but it is not without flaws.

First about its screen. I am talking about the change in the direction of screen view, not screen size or display quality. The flaw is that in any case you shake the Nexus 7, its screen view will not change the vertical to the horizontal.

The next is its limited storage capability. Nexus 7 only give you a 8GB or 16GB card, and does not support external SD card. I know this is designed for Google Cloud Platform. This also explains why Nexus 7 only supports WiFi.

Undeniably, apart from a few faults, Nexus 7 is quite a good tablet. It runs on the latest Jelly Bean Android OS, and is added some artifical intelligences which can learn what users are doing, then forecasts users’ requirements. For example, it automatically offers the traffic information and weather conditions when users go home without users asking actively.

Another advantage of Nexus 7 is its 7-inch screen which make it more portable than iPad with 9.7-inch screen. Recently some news said that Apple is developing 7-inch tablet called iPad Mini, too. By the way, if you want to get your video(movie) collections to Nexus 7 for on-the-go viewing, the article will show you how to do this step by step: "Ripping movies/TV-shows off DVDs to Google Nexus 7 for watching.

The current 7-inch tablets are cobbled up and look very heavy, but the Nexus 7 made by ASUS is excellently tailored, and is nice to touch.

Google Nexus 7 is not the iPad killer and will never be, but Google and ASUS have established a standard for the 7-inch tablet PCs. If you’re planing to buy a cheap tablet which offers excellent operability and portability, Nexus 7 will be a good choice.


Jul 12, 2012
I was pleased with it and we own 2 Nexus 7s.... It's an amazing 7 inch tab. And with the Nexus Media Importer app, you can now access media (movies, music, files) from a flash drive or SD card reader without rooting/unlocking so the constraint of limited storage with no external storage has been broken for everyday users. $200 for a 7 inch tab as powerful as the best 10.1 inchers to give connectivity to everyday users..? Do it.
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