News Google Pixel 4a vs OnePlus Nord: Which cheap Android phone should you buy?


Aug 5, 2018
Wait for price cut. And my "old" phone be 2 Years old. -
Have promised my roommate. That my phones always have to last at least 2 years before I switch, or it gets too expensive. - So much better, they do not get either - anymore (the Phone)

Just waiting a few months and see what happens with price. But think camera is to decide my choice.
A Oneplus 8 Pro will then be the best choice, but I DO NOT WANT TO GIVE SO MUCH MONEY FOR A PHONE that only lasts 2-4 years

So OnePlus Nord or Googe 4a for me.


it was my last HUAWEI phone in the beginning good or OK-
But software became more and more creepy, more demands to call home.
No root options. And bad versions of Google software that just got more and more complicated, full of bugs and short comings. - and all want to call home.

Why just not as oneplus, make a pure Andriod, with FOSS. I was a buyer. But shit about it. Huawei dies outside China.
Due to bad software and decisions. Not because of hardware, which is very ok for the price.

I ONLY change my HUAWEI phone because the software has become too bad, (NOT too old) But the bad decisions, that have been made by "updates" have ruined my experience, and I do not bother further
Either lost or gray hair, or a new phone.


considered a Noka. But too expensive, compared to hardware. And since it has now been discovered that it contains spyware from China, the only reason to buy it away.


Maybe root and, LineageO - Saifish - ...... sometime in the future.