News Google Pixel 5 price just leaked — and it's bad news

Sep 26, 2020
The $799 Pixel 3 and 4 price was for 64 GB. The 128 GB versions were priced at $899 so this "bad news" is a $200 (22.5%) price cut. I paid $899 (with 2 year 0% financing) for my Pixel 3 (but was one of the fortunate folks who got $900 in travel credit when I bought the phone on the day Project Fi became Google Fi). I will be replacing it in about a year (when it will no longer be supported). I was planning on buying a Pixel 5a but maybe I will be able to afford a Pixel 6.

In recent years Google has been partnering with Lenovo selling Motorola phones with Google Fi support through Fi. Currently they are selling the Fi version of the Moto G Power for $249 or $149 if it is activated on Fi within 30 days and the Moto G Stylus for $299 discounted to $199 with activation.


Dec 31, 2017
I'm looking forward to getting the Pixel 5. I have no problems with my Pixel 2XL, but it's time to get a new phone!