Google Pixel 6 Pro just crashed to $699 in Prime Day deal

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Feb 12, 2023
Still not worth buying.
The Pixel 6 Pro is... without a doubt...the worst phone I've ever had. I've had this phone for nearly a year. It's my first, and last time I will ever consider a Google phone. I wish I could give it zero stars.
Pros: no bloatware like Samsung
Cons - randomly does the following: drops calls, doesn't ring with incoming phone calls, doesn't notify me when receiving texts, doesn't let me access voicemail, slow internet, goes blank when searching the net, camera was supposed to be exceptional, but my old Samsung was better...I could go on. What irks me is I'm still paying on this piece of garbage.
Google...never again.

Update 2/12/23: now the phone won't stay connected to my work's wifi, freezes on apps so I have to restart, heating up just with a phone call, sound will vary- when on speaker, sometimes people can't hear me...I call them back and it lasts for about 10 min, then can't hear again, battery life lasts about a day and sometimes a few hours even if I haven't been using the phone.

Google won't do anything because it's out of warranty (1 yr).
Google should acknowledge this model is a lemon and refund.
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