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May 26, 2021
No mention of storage size?
A often overlooked factor in mobile phones, a headache for users when it's reached, and in my case at least a deal breaker.

Every phone I've ditched (except due to breakage) has been because the storage was to small, it's also the reason for a lot of those in the Apple ecosystem (I always advise my Apple using family/friends to get the largest storage size available).

This is particularly relevant with pixel phones as they offer no micro SD card support.

My dream phone would include massive internal storage and the ability to read from the highest capacity external cards. That way you can keep a lot of apps without having to juggle, and film long events [for example relatives playing in amateurs concert one of the layers of hell we are forced to endure. Just swap in a fresh card and then transfer their excruciating performance to their computer or a OTG USB afterwards].
And now with phones becoming portable TV's, being able to download shows for watching on the go is a viable option [as well as for those that download from less than official streaming services
🏴‍☠️, or just a shared account].

And network reception isn't always perfect in the real world, unlike inside the company research development centres.

I'm currently running a 512gb Note 8 [I had it imported as the 256gb model was the largest in my local market] that can also use external cards, and the only reason I am looking at a new phone is because the cost of replacing a cracked screen, faulty USB port (I have to charge wirelessly) and a battery that's estimated to only have 2668mAh maximum capacity is more than the replacement cost of the phone - and that's just for the parts.

If it was in perfect working order I would be keeping this phone for years to come (a battery replacement by itself isn't that costly) and just rooting it to upgrade Android.
As it is, I'm waiting to see if the A72 5G is only going to max out at 256GB, and even then since it'll run 1TB cards I might still migrate most of the internal storage to the card - Samsung's flagships moving to small internal storage and no SD support is crazy from my perspective.

A manufacturer could corner a under served market sector with a phone that ticks the standard boxes but is optimised to be yourb portable digital life and all the space that it requires.
In my case that's more important than processor speed, a downgrade from the latest processor would be worth a doubling of storage space.