News Google Pixel 6 rumors: Why I’m worried Google has lost its way


Feb 25, 2014
Actually I think this direction is a lot more clear for the pixel 6, the pixel 5 strategy was a big big mess.... if you wanted to get a more "pro" or premium model, clearly pixel 5 wasnt that phone, it felt like something between a 4a and mid range phone. So with Pixel 6 Pro, it clearly gained my interest again. I am on pixel 3xl and I would love to have a XL phone that I can replace, that would also feel premium enough. I don't care to pay 1000$ for phone as long as it delivers in gpu, cpu, performance, camera, screen quality and battery. The triple camera will finally bring nice zoom photo and ultra wide, something my pixel 3 is not capable... but I also wish is for a ultra selfie camera, it is really useful in group picts. But ok, if I can take already wide and zoom nicely without losing quality, that will be the perfect pixel for me. I am really looking forward for this phone.
May 24, 2021
I agree and think the article got it all wrong. The beta is fantastic and I'm ready for Pixels to take it to a new (higher) level. I've been on Pixels (previously Nexus) since the 5 and it's time for Google to show what they really can do. If they are going to stay in the phone market, they really need something that differentiates the 'A' line with the regular line as well as justifies the pricing.

Also, I love the new look. Different, designed for further updates and if the rumors about the battery and storage are true, I'll purchase as soon as it's announced.