News Google Pixel Fold launch now looks imminent — here’s why


Oct 14, 2017
I am looking forward to this, to be honest, as a long time Pixel smartphone user, i love the clean software, the Pixel features, i had a Galaxy Fold 4, for a few months, the build quality is superb, and the software is greatly improved, however i absolutely hate the duplicate applications, some of Samsungs you cannot delete, and to be honest I'll never end up using any of them, you can hide them though, and at the time i just tried turning the Fold 4 into a Pixel fold, changing all the things i could to make it look and feel like a Pixel, making all Googles as default, but there is only so much you can do!, I like the form factor, of the Pixel Fold if its correct, more like a Surface Duo, which I like,{and i use as a book reader} not as tall as the fold, so I'll be getting a Pixel Fold on launch day, and can go back to using one device instead of carrying a Pixel 7 pro and a Surface Duo every day!