Google Pixel phones need to catch up to Samsung and OnePlus

Dec 7, 2022
you realize that a Pixel series contains an "updated" version on release?

3 years of updates on pixel is like 4 years since the others basically need 1 to catch up


Sep 22, 2017
I justs got a Pixel 7 Pro. I spent hours configuring it (no rooting). I have a Samsung Galaxy 7 tab running Android 13 as well an iPhone.

The entire user experience with Pixel is awful, unlike with one of my other Google devices, the Nexus 7 (2013) tab. I found nothing intuitive about the Pixel. It's limited and difficult to use compared to the other devices I mentioned.

It's also very sluggish for simple tasks and browsing. It's shocking. Even accessing my Google Activity is slow. While Google Night (shot) mode is impressive, it's not as good as Samsung's or Apple's low light mode.

Worst of all, after a few days of use and finally changing the sound (ringtone) settings, I realized one of the speakers isn't working. Confirmed by running speaker test software.

Google is running their hardware and seemingly software division like it's a small mom&pop shop. I'm done with Google devices.