Question Got some questions about Sling


Oct 29, 2007
After two back-to-back bumps to DirecTV took us up to almost $150 per month when we watch only a few channels, something in me snapped. I found the AirTV DVR that'll let me combine OTA and streaming channels into one interface (which is a must-have, my wife would not be happy if I told her for some channels, use this app, for others, go over here ;) ) So I signed up for Sling and am waiting on my DVR to come. I use Fire devices (various Sticks, an old-school Fire Box, I have a Fire Cube I need to set up, and one "smart" TV with built-in Fire) to watch.

1) When fast-forwarding through commercials in recorded programs, it seems very flaky. Press FF once, twice, maybe three times; and it slowly creeps ahead. Pres it again, and it enters Turbo mode, so by the time I notice the show has started and hit play, I'm a minute or two in and need to rewind. How do we get a reasonable FF? Either a 30 second skip, or some predictable speed, or have it know to back up a little when I hit play (DirecTV DCR does this!)

2) Is there a way to have favorite channels (not "My Channels") or re-order the channel guide? I use "My Channels" to show only the ones I care about. I'd like to be able to quickly find the channels we watch most frequently.

3) "Sub-users" - I'd like to be able to have different displayed channels on different sets.

4) Is there a way to tell the DVR to only save n episodes of a given show (again, like DirecTV can!) Example: we like to have a handful of Big Bang Theories recorded. But I don't want BBT to record over and over and over, filling up my 50 hours of DVR and then crowding everything else out. Record let's say 5 episodes, and maybe roll off the oldest for the newest, but never take up more than 2.5 hours.

5) Speaking of... anyone have any idea when we can get more DVR time beyond 50 hours? That isn't much! My DirecTV DVR can hold hundreds of hours. Cloud storage is nearly literally the cheapest thing on Earth.

6) Is there a mechanism once my AirTV is in for it to know to use an OTA version of a show instead of a cloud/streaming version? Let's say I want every episode of BBT... I can plug in a 6TB hard disk and let that DVR stuff itself to the gills, but to never see a single episode appear in the cloud DVR.
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