Got water in my Asus Cerberus keyboard.


Jul 26, 2014
I apologize for the huge images but the "Insert Image" option didn't work so I had to add them manually. It gave me an error.

On to the issue at hand. I screwed up and got water in my keyboard yesterday. Now I didn't think it was that big of a deal, since it's supposed to be water resistant and I turned it over, shook it a bit to get the water out.

It seemed fine while I was using it right after. No issues, instant response to key pressing.

I wake up today and my whole computer is a mess. Microsoft Edge was turned on with a few dozen tabs open, my volume was turned off, a few programs were open as well, the language was switched to my native one, etc. I left my computer running during the night.

I looked at it a bit and it works. Has issues, but it works. Keys are stuck together, like when I press C I get CV or XCV. Some keys don't respond while others act as if I'm holding them down.

I opened it up and cleaned out most of the water, but some still remains in an annoying place.

On the second image you can see that water might be stuck between the plastic film, but I'm not sure if the water didn't simply erode the glue which led to air seeping in, creating bubbles that don't allow for proper pressure to be applied to the sensor so that keys can register as they should.

Also, keep in mind that I'm an idiot, so this is basic assumption based on observation. I don't know jack.


[U]Zikimura[/U], try using rubbing alcohol on the different layers of the keyboard to get rid of the water stains being it was not distilled water.

[U]Bennius[/U], you'll most likely need a new keyboard as most laptop keyboards cannot be disassembled like a desktop keyboard can. I have replaced a number of laptop keyboards for my customers.
Sep 8, 2019
It seems to me that you just need to go to the service and the wizard will fix all the problems. besides it will clean everything inside